Automobiles and Automotive

Automobile Industry in India is one of the largest and the fastest growing automobile industries in the world. In recent years, India has become a major auto hub and emerged as an important global manufacturing base for automobile companies as it provides low cost production opportunities and has a well trained workforce at competitive costs. Numerous global automotive giants are upbeat about their expansion plans in India and are willing to enter into partnerships with domestic companies to produce automobiles. During 2010-11, the Indian automotive industry registered a total turnover of US$ 73 billion, with exports worth US$ 11 billion.

Industry Scenario Today

The industry's highly competitive environment translates into a strong demand for senior management who can successfully steer companies through challenging times. The industry requires change management skills as well as an ability to create innovative middle and long term strategies. However the availability of skilled manpower is gradually beginning to fall short of the industry’s requirements and this could have an impact on the future growth trends.

What makes PMS Consulting Stand Apart?

Our strong and well acknowledged team of Consultants has been assisting all the major Automobile and Automotive companies in the areas of Research and Development, Manufacturing, Construction, Operations, Information Technology, Corporate Management, Human Resources, Production, Body Shop, Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering, Sales And Service, Marketing, Finance, Customer Care, Design, ETC. We understand the industry and its requirements very comprehensively and our team of consultants with a robust background of the industry across the different levels of the value chain ensures that we work on these mandates very efficiently.