The Engineering sector is the largest industrial sector in the country and can be broadly categorized into two segments - heavy engineering and light engineering. The Indian engineering sector continues to grow on account of booming internal consumption, which has encouraged both inbound as well as outbound cross border Mergers &Acquisitions (M&A). The sector, long dominated by heavy engineering, is highly structured and technology driven.

Industry Scenario Today

India ranked first in global manufacturing competence in 2016, according to a report by Deloitte. The country has gained a stronger foothold on this position in the last 5 years. India’s rich talent pool of scientists, researchers, and engineers and well-educated English-speaking workforce and democratic regime and made it an attractive destination for manufacturers.

What makes PMS Consulting Stand Apart?

With a dedicated team of consultants working across diverse sub sectors such as light and heavy engineering, plastic, metals, fine and heavy chemicals, textiles, we are well positioned to service clients in this sector. Our consultants are experts who have spent their initial years in core industry across functions and thus they understand the ever-changing challenges of talent acquisition in this progressively complex environment. We have helped our clients in this sector recruit over 5000+ professionals in India and overseas in the past few years.