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CEO’s Message

There has been a lot of change in the human resource and recruitment scenario since 1997, with the onset of new millennium we saw the online availability and trend has only accentuated with the availability of social and professional networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. All these medium along with the traditional media and the fact that lot of people are joining the workforce in emerging economy has made talent availability and lot of a wide speared phenomenon and has made process of choosing a right candidate that is much more difficult.

With internet has come another possibility of sourcing talent globally, which means if we need someone for supply chain we can not only look at candidate all over India . but also at someone sitting in Europe or America.
Slowdown has brought in an interesting trend which is a certain section of talent which is successful and good are being chased by all the client organization and which in turn leads to a race among the clients and consultants .

There has been lot of advancement in the tools, technology of screening profile but the challenge lies in the fact that availability of such a large pool of talent with shorter business cycles and increasing competitions among the organization there is kind of virtual race among them to hire the talent but the cost of bad pick result in colossal failure so it is all the more important not only to pick the right talent but not to hire the wrong talent.

Globalization has only added to the competitive scenario which in turn has, made talent scouting has to be much difficult. Organizations have become extremely choosy in picking up talent wherein candidate has also become highly demanding and it has become an extremely challenging to manage the expectation of client organization and candidates.

So, in changed scenario and circumstance the challenge is not in terms of sourcing the profiles but to indentify screen, interview, evaluate and onboard the right candidate with least possible/ shortest possible time as you have your competitors are also targeting the same set of candidates.

PMS Consulting endorses personalize approach and believes in custom made solution for each clients organization. We understand and know that HR professionals have been under tremendous pressure and their job has become highly demanding and there is huge premium on their time hence it is very important that each candidate seen by them is properly screened and validated leading to selection, We get involved with the HR of the company and work as a part of their team to make sure they are able to deliver on the result the core values of PMS has always been trust, honesty , transparency , and integrity and we believe in placing client interest at the top.

Rather than seeking short-term project profitability, our aim is to build a long-term relationship to realize true management transformation of such excellence as to make us the one-and-only real partner for our client companies.